「MONSTER」商標 騰訊最終贏了美國能量飲料公司

「MONSTER」商標 騰訊最終贏了美國能量飲料公司



Designing a strategy layout for Trademark is very important before products being launched, because we don’t know if we will meet some similar trademarks being successfully registered, like the case in this article, in the near future. In the combination of trademark, it usually has one main element, which would be expected by the applicant, to catch consumers’ eyes.

From this point of view, we can plan our own Trademark’s Strategy Layout by creating similar composed marks, by utilizing this main element of trademark, then, to have these similar composed marks registered as trademarks.

Take “Alibaba” of China for example, they abundantly registered “Defensive Trademarks” for protect their brand from being pirated, such as “Alipapa” and “Alimama”. It can be seen that “Ali” is a main element of trademark “Alibaba”; “baba” is a minor element that associates “papa” and “mama” to combine each other with “Ali”. Therefore, if you are the person who’d likes to protect your own trademark thoroughly, you could try to think about which the main and minor element would be in the trademark, and then create your unique Defensive Trademark.